In March 2009 at a Sesame regional meeting several advisers commented that they learned far more from talking to each other than they ever had from the presenters and compliance people at seminars.

From those comments this website was born. I am an IFA within the Network who happens to also have a small web design company. We now have over 300 members and some very active discussions.

This site has been built to offer a free and open forum for advisers within the Sesame Network to discuss anything they like with other advisers in private.

The forums have been built so that only registered members (register here) This is to ensure members can talk freely without being monitored by Sesame or having comments taken out of context by anyone.

This site can only work if you guys use it.

If you have any suggestions, problems or queries contact me via the members list - my username is DeeMo Admin.

Your identity is protected from other members by the use of "user names" you have to declare your real details on sign in so that I can check you are who you say you are, but everything other than the type of adviser you are and your town are hidden from the membership. (The members list is only visible once you have registered)

By registering you accept responsibility for your own posts, I can not accept responsibility for anything any member says.

This Forum Is Not In Any Way Associated With Sesame.

Please Join and Enjoy.

Non Sesame Adviser might like to know we recently launched a sister site that is not network specific.